• LISA
    3rd Lower Saxony International Summer Academy
    3rd Lower Saxony International Summer Academy in Immunology, 17th – 31st August 2013. Inflammation, Regeneration and Immunity Basic Aspects, Novel Approaches and Experimental Models For more information about workshop and registration, please visit:
  • Sandrales
    Latest publication
    This review describes the role of PGE2 in dendritic cells.
  • PDC
    Vaccination with natural occurring plasmacytoid dendritic cells loaded with melanoma specific peptides showed a remarkable increase in survival
  • CambiPAPER
    Top publication
    Using a self developed algorithm the function of podosomes that are present on dendritic cells was unravelled.
  • Jurjen Tel 90
    Melanoma treatment Telegraaf
    Jurjen Tel was interviewed by the Telegraaf about his research on melanoma treatment.
  • Theodewitte 03
    Farewell lecture
    Date: January 31, 2013. Description: Scientific symposium prior to the lecture of Prof. dr. Theo de Witte. Location: The event will take place in the Aula of the Radboud University Nijmegen. Contact: Tamara Coolen, project officer +31 24 - 36 55357 More info:
  • Symposium1
    Tumor vs Immune System: A Cytokine Battle!
    Date: February 6, 2013. Venue: Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Hippocrates room, route 77, Geert Grooteplein 21, 6525 EZ Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Speakers: •Charles Dinarello, Denver, US (Keynote lecture), •Giorgio Trinchieri, Frederick, US (Keynote lecture), •Laurence Zitvogel, Villejuif, France, •Frances Balkwill, London, UK, •Tanja de Gruijl, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, •Sjoerd van den Burg, Leiden, The Netherlands, •Karin de Visser, Amsterdam, The Netherlands •Gosse Adema, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, More info:
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