Chemical Immunology

Chemical Immunology - Carl Figdor

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Chemical-biology  in which one focus is targeting of dendritic cells in vivo by exploiting an poly (lactic- glycolic acid) PLGA nano bead platform to develop new synthetic vaccines and a program to develop synthetic Dendritic Cells to directly activate T cells. In this respect much emphasis is paid to get molecular and structural insight in the immunological -synapse between dendritic cells and T cells, which is studied by a variety of techniques.

Group members:
Supervisor: Carl Figdor
Postdocs: Yusuf Dolen, Michael Valente, Oya Tagit, Roel Hammink
PhD students: Loek Eggermont, Bas van der Schoot, Dion Voerman, Jorieke Weiden, Camillie le Gall, Glenn van Wigcheren
Technicians: Eric van Dinther