- DC entering T cell areas -

Dendritic cells entering T cell areas

DC entering T cell 460

To study the distribution of the DC vaccine in vivo, we studied SPIO (super paramagnetic oxide) particle labeled DC after intranodal injection in patients with metastatic melanoma that were scheduled for lymph node resection because of metastasis. The DC were labeled with SPIO particles ex vivo and injected in a lymph node 24 to 72 hours prior to lymph node resection. This allowed us to get detailed insight in the migration patterns of DC within a lymph node in vivo. Distribution to more than one lymph node had already taken place within the first 30 minutes after injection, indicating that DC had spread via the lymphatic system during injection. Within the resected lymph node, SPIO+ DC were predominantly found in the T-cell areas and sometimes in the subcapsular sinuses (see figure). All blue spots represent SPIO+ DC as the iron content is identified after prussian blue staining.

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